Alert Youth

Alert Youth

What is ALERT Youth?


ALERT Youth is an awareness program focusing on the safety and well-being of youth between the ages of 9 to 18 (or older if requested) and is comprised of two components.

*In realizing that children and youth are dealing with different issues and circumstances, unique to their age group, Child Find has developed a program specifically for youth/teens. Working with the concept of a current photo and fingerprints, Child Find has gone a step further providing a more comprehensive booklet for youth.  In addition to the physical characteristics, the booklet contains a place to record descriptions and locations of tattoos and piercings that could be unique to this age group.  There is space for vehicle information, employment, banking, social media sites they frequent, hangouts, youth resource and crisis line numbers.  Unique to this booklet is a space to list names of who law enforcement should contact should they go missing and names of individuals who might know where to begin the search. We have heard these young people speak about their genuine concern for keeping safe. Some spoke of near misses where they found themselves in a particularly dangerous situation. It is clearly a reality for them. When possible, we incorporate a presentation for groups of teens and speak about consequences of risky behavior and the realities of life on the street with the focus on circumventing the impulse to run away. Our goal is to successfully impress upon these teenagers that what they most likely will have to do to survive on the street will have a profound effect on them and their families for the rest of their lives.


  1. Presentation: A presentation on youth issues by an ALERT Youth Coordinator which aims to focus on preventing youth from running away or engaging in risky behavior that may cause them to go missing. The presentation is designed to be informal in nature with a Q & A portion, where an open and frank discussion is encouraged.
  1. Workshop: The second component is a workshop. Each participant will fill out an ALERT Youth booklet which will include a physical description, employment, hangouts, vehicle information, social networking platforms, friends and relatives, co-workers who might know where they are should they go missing, etc. Based on the All About Me ID Program, this booklet contains a place for a photo and fingerprints. The ALERT Youth coordinator will take their photo on site and assist in recording fingerprints. The booklet is designed to be up-dated regularly and kept in a safe, accessible place. Should the youth go missing, this booklet and the information it contains will expedite the youth’s picture reaching the media and offer vital information as to their location and ultimate safe return.

Child Find will not retain or collect any personal information. The booklet and the personal information will leave with the participant.

The ALERT Youth program is offered throughout the province and is designed to be community specific with respect to the varied issues that young people face in those particular communities.

For more information on the ALERT Youth program, please call Child Find SK.