All About Me ID

 All About Me I.D. Clinic

The “All About Me ID” is a comprehensive personal identification booklet prepared by Child Find Saskatchewan for your child. The “All About Me” ID program offers:

  • safety tips and a check list for parents                                                                                           
  • what to do if your child goes missing
  • a place to record pertinent information about the child.
  • a photo, taken by Child Find staff or volunteer
  • fingerprints or footprints for babies
  • a place for physical, medical and environmental data.

The ID booklet is kept in a safe accessible location by the custodial parent or guardian and up-dated regularly as the child changes and grows. Should the child go missing, the booklet is given to law enforcement to aid in their recovery. You’ll find our I.D. clinics at schools, daycares, malls, safety days, community fairs, trade shows and where other events are held to encourage safety and family values.


How do I get a free All About Me ID booklet for my child?

Click here to access our Calendar of Events to find an ID Clinic near you or call us at 306.955.0070 in Saskatoon or TF at 1-800-513-FIND (3463) if you would like us to come out and host an ID Clinic at your event.  Custodial Parents/guardians are required to provide two pieces of ID, and one piece of ID for the child. Suggestions for child ID are a Saskatchewan health card or birth certificate.

Can’t find a clinic near you, call us and make an appointment to have a booklet prepared for your child in our office.

Child Find Saskatchewan would like to remind parents that no personal information from this booklet, including your child’s name, photo or fingerprints are kept on file.  All information leaves with you and photos are immediately deleted.

All programs and services are provided free of charge.  We do accept and appreciate donations.