"This loss has just devastated me."

A Letter from a distressed father to a Child Find Case Worker

“This loss has just devastated me.” A Letter from a distressed father to a Child Find Case Worker

Below is a letter that was written to a Child Find Saskatchewan Case Worker in the 90’s

The father was given full custody of his child, however, during a visit, the mother, fled taking the child with her.

This letter has been edited for privacy.

Dear Dave

Within a week, my baby will have been missing for —- months.  When my child was first abducted, I never imagined that it would be this long.  I do not know how I have endured my baby’s absence.  And now I am facing the terribly sad realization that many more months may pass before my child is safe and sound and back with me.

This year has brought me the happiest moments of my entire life and the most miserable.  Few men have the opportunity to be both mother and father to their baby, to care for, day-in and day-out, forging the bond normally associated with motherhood.  This loss has just devastated me.  The passage of time has helped dull the pain somewhat but nothing short of my child’s return will ever truly help.  Last night I went into the baby’s room with a Christmas gift from my aunt and ended up crying helplessly when I saw all the little clothes hanging in the closet, some never worn and may never be worn. My heart grows back tiny bits at a time only to be torn from me again, it seems.

All of this is actually offered in the way of thanks.  I know you have thought and prayed for my child’s safety and worked hard for a safe return.  You have given me support when I needed it and I am grateful.  I have approached financial ruin but I will never stop looking for my baby.  I am optimistic about the future knowing that I won’t be alone in my search.  I hope you know how very much I appreciate everything you and your co-workers have done on my child’s behalf.  Thank you.

Best wishes for the New Year.

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