Missing Persons' Month

Missing Persons’ Month

The month of May is Missing Persons Month, which is dedicated to spreading awareness about missing children and persons. Child Find Saskatchewan is determined to continue to promote safety and missing person awareness during this month. As such, we have compiled a list of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” that you and your child should be aware of in order to stay safe and reduce the chances of becoming missing. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list, but a starting point as to some precautions that can be taken.



  • Insist that your child’s school or daycare centre does not release your child to anyone besides you or an individual designated to pick-up on your behalf.
  • Be extremely cautious and thorough when selecting babysitters, preschools, and daycares – make sure you really know who they are. Check references.
  • Make sure your child travels in groups and never alone.
  • Have your child go to the nearest check-out clerk or security/information desk if you become separated while shopping.
  • Ensure that your child knows their full name, their parents’ full names, their full address, and their parent’s phone numbers.



  • Leave your child unattended in a vehicle.
  • Buy items for your child with their name on it, such as t-shirts or backpacks, because children will respond more readily to a stranger if they are addressed by name.
  • Let your child spend time in isolated areas such as empty parking lots, fields, parks, and school yards when they are alone.
  • Have your child answer the door when they are home alone.
  • Tell anyone over the phone when your child is home alone.
  • Have your child wander the parking lot if you become separated while shopping.


We hope that you implement these tips with your children and share these ideas with others. As well, we hope that awareness of Missing Persons Month and safety will continue to be promoted.


Thank you for your continued support towards Child Find Saskatchewan. Be safe.