Search and Locate

Search and Locate Services

We assist legal parents or guardians in locating children who have:

  • Been the victim of a stranger abduction
  • Been the victim of a parental abduction
  • Who have run away from home

Search and Locate

This service is provided by trained personnel whose networking extends to the international borders.

Child Find Saskatchewan works in cooperation with law enforcement.  Once a missing persons report has been filed with the police, and at the request of the custodial parent or guardian, we will open a case file on that missing individual.  The custodial parent or guardian will be asked to fill out a Child Find Registration Report, at which time a case file is opened.  In some cases we will create “Missing” posters, complete with photo and relevant details related to the individual’s disappearance.  We will assist in the distribution of posters both on the ground and on social media. We will inform other searching agencies provincially, nationally and  other missing person’s agencies, other law enforcement agencies and border crossings, via national and international networking procedures. We operate a 24/7/365 crisis line enabling us to be informed of any tips or sighting of the missing individual. This networking of information and case administration continues until the case is resolved.

What to do if Your Child is Missing