What To Do If My Child Goes Missing

What to do if my child goes missing?

As soon as you realize your child is missing, ACT IMMEDIATELY.

what to do if my child goes missing?

You Do Not Have To Wait 24 Hours To Report Someone Who Has Gone Missing.

If your child goes missing from your home, the home of a friend or relative, search the property thoroughly. Check with neighbours and friends of your child. If the child is not located, call police immediately.

If your child disappears in unfamiliar surroundings, for example, at a shopping mall, amusement park, or campground, notify security immediately and ask for assistance.

  • Take note of what time it is now and when and where you last saw your child so you can provide this information to law enforcement.
  • Once you have notified staff and security in the facility or area you are in, call police immediately. Try to stay calm.
  • Identify yourself, your location, and the situation. Give your child’s age, name, (or the name they answer to) and a physical description including what they are wearing.
  • Listen to their instructions carefully. If at all possible, put the officer on speaker phone so the instructions can be heard by you and the people you are with. An extra set of ears in a stressful situation can be very helpful.

what to do if my child goes missing?

When do I call Child Find Saskatchewan?

After you have contacted the police and a missing person’s case file has been opened, call Child Find Saskatchewan. We operate a 24/7/365 Crisis Line to facilitate emergency situations. Please have the case file number handy and the details of the situation. Our role is to work with law enforcement and act as a support system to parents and guardians.

  • At the request and written permission of the custodial parents or guardians, we will assist with preparation and distribution of posters; provide photos to the media, and up-load information to social media to assist in locating and recovering.
  • Liaise with other missing persons agencies across Canada if needed.
  • Provide a referral service for families during and following the recovery of a child.
  • Assist with re-unification if needed.
  • Liaise with law enforcement, the media, social service agencies, the legal community, government, and other appropriate agencies that might be of service to the family.
  • Advocate for the family and the missing child.

Child Find will not exploit a family or a recovered missing person for promotional purposes.  When a person is located, we will never disclose information or reveal specific details of the case to the media.


Authorization Form to Use Personal Information

what to do if my child goes missing?