Winter Fun

Winter Weather and the wonderful outdoors

Day by day it is getting snowier and chillier outside. However, this does not mean you and your child have to stay cooped up indoors! Going outside for fresh air, exercise, or even to play is a great way to make the most of wintertime. Below are some considerations to think about when you and your child spend some time outside this winter.


Dress for the weather. This is very crucial. To stay safe, it is important to stay warm and dry. A child should dress in warm layers of clothing. If one of the top layers gets wet and cold, or the child becomes too warm, then they can peel it off but still have the next layer to provide warmth. It is important to protect all areas from getting to cold to avoid frostbite, so make sure that your child has a winter jacket, toque, gloves or mittens, snow pants, and warm boots. It can also be a smart idea to pack an extra pair of extra gloves and socks in case they get wet. This will make sure that your child is kept warm from head to toe!


Ensure winter activity safety. There are numerous winter activities that are great ways for a child to remain active in the colder months. To ensure safety, make sure your child is aware of the proper ways to stay safe. For example, ice hockey and ice skating are great sports, but make sure your child is properly equipped with a helmet, and maybe even knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. As well, try not to get in the way of other skaters, as a collision could result in injuries for both parties. Sledding is fun winter activity, but make sure that the sledding path is clear and free from trees, ramps, or other sledders. There are also many other activities, so make sure that the proper safety procedures are in place beforehand to ensure safety and fun at the time! Depending on the activity, supervision may be required.


Watch out for hazards. With winter, there are a few more things to look out for. As snow freezes, sidewalks, roads, and other surfaces can become icy and slippery. Make sure that the winter boots used have a good grip, and that if your child does slip, try to fall forward to land on hands and knees, as opposed to on the bum (which can be much more painful!). With ice, cars can slip more often as well, so make sure your child stays on the sidewalks and does not cross the street until the cars have come to a full stop. If your child is going outside without you, make sure that they do not go out alone and tell you where they are going. If there is a dangerous snow storm or blizzard, it is best to stay home.


Once again, winter activities can be very fun and a great way to get outside! Make sure that you and your child are prepared and safe, in order to have the best time possible. Enjoy!