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You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone – Missing Persons Week


Each year, Missing Persons Week is dedicated to all of the missing people across Saskatchewan. It is organized by the Provincial Partnership Committee on Missing Persons, and is made up of government representatives, police, and Indigenous and community-based organizations. Generally, it takes place for a week in May, but given the unusual circumstances of 2020, this year it is from September 13th to September 19th. It is the 8th annual Missing Persons Week in Saskatchewan, and is intended to recognize those who have gone missing, bring awareness to the issue of missing persons, and show support to families who have had a loved one go missing.


As a community organization that advocates for child rights and safety, Child Find Saskatchewan would like to acknowledge and remember all of the missing persons in Saskatchewan. They are the most important part of Missing Persons Week, and are never to be forgotten. We wish for nothing more than their safe return home. We want them and their families to know that we will continue the search for them, and not stop until we find answers.


Child Find Saskatchewan is committed to raising awareness of the issue of missing persons, which is one of the key goals of Missing Persons Week. Child Find will assist in this goal by continuing to provide programs and services that aim to prevent children from going missing, and help families who have lost their child. This is in part done through safety presentations, education, and prevention tools given to both parents and children across Saskatchewan on ways to stay safe in different situations and circumstances. We also raise awareness through putting up posters and social media posts to get information out to more people, and hope that anyone who knows something that can speak up and help get a missing child home.


Missing Persons Week is also a chance to show compassion to those families who have been and continue to be going through the despair of losing their child. For parents, one of the most heartbreaking thoughts is something bad happening to their child. Unfortunately, this is some parents’ reality – and some still do not have answers as to what happened to their loved one. Child Find provides services and resources to parents and families who are going through this trauma. Missing Persons Week wants to remind people that You Are Not Alone.


Child Find believes that a missing child is everyone’s responsibility. Please visit our website to learn who our current missing persons are, and call us with any information that you may have on them. Help us provide families with information on their child, and safely return a child back to their home.


Please do whatever you can to take part in this year’s Missing Persons Week. No matter how big or small, any help is appreciated in reuniting a child with their family.